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Religion: Studying 2 Chronicles: The Influence of Asaph Part 2

Reading through the Psalms of Asaph the seer, music leader, writer and poet, he passed down his skills to many generations, inspiring an immeasurable amount of people.

Asaph, David, writers of the Psalms

Interesting People From the Bible: Who Was Asaph? Part 2

Asaph would see Solomon become jaded in his later years. He would see the king become full of want and chase after life’s luxuries. He would see the king succumb to the desires of evil men, partner with them, take their daughters for wives, build his kingdom and fall into idolatry.

Asaph, the Biblical Worship Leader

Interesting People From the Bible: Who Was Asaph?

Did you know that all of the people involved in music in the courts and service of King David were from the tribe of Levi? This includes the chief musician under the king, Asaph.

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Interview: Meet New Christian Author Tim Reeve

Within the next two weeks, Writeious Books will release a new eBook by first-time author, Tim Reeve. Hiding Behind the Worship Show will no doubt bring on conversation and controversy. Nevertheless, Writeious Books hasn’t shied away from publishing the Christian book. We haven’t shied away from working with a new, unpublished author either.