Asaph, the Biblical Worship Leader

Interesting People From the Bible: Who Was Asaph?

Did you know that all of the people involved in music in the courts and service of King David were from the tribe of Levi? This includes the chief musician under the king, Asaph.

Christian author interview on worship book

WeB Press Release: “Hiding Behind the Worship Show” Now Out in Ebook

In the book, Tim tackles a current issue within the church regarding our mode of collective worship during our weekly, Sunday meetings. Discover what the real purpose is of corporate gatherings and fellowship and see how your church compares.

Facts about true worship

Perfect Theology: Music Worship: Fact from Fiction Part 1

But there is a misnomer within the church. I get annoyed when I sit in a church service and hear the pastor say, “Now let us worship the Lord,” and the music leader steps onto the stage. People rise and the music begins. Standing and singing praise songs to the Lord in not worship. It is one form of worship: music worship. It is misleading to teach that the only time our lives have any connection to worship is through music.