Caribbean Hurricanes 2017

Current News: Hurricane Irma Devastates

I can’t seem to pull myself away from watching footage online of Hurricane Irma.


Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: The Flood Part 2

Putting Noah’s Ark in perspective, the length would be about one and a half football fields.

Noah's Ark

Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: The Flood Part 1

Understand that sin destroys. God, knowing this, provided a way out.

England Football Club

Sports: Why England Football Can’t Win a Championship

The Premier League is the most distinguished football league in the world. Just about any young man with aspirations of playing pro ball would love a spot in this league. It carries with it history, legend and a sort-of prestige.

King David angers God with taking a census

Religion: Studying 1 Chronicles: David and the Census

1 Chronicles 21 recaps the account first seen in 2 Samuel 24 when David stirs up God’s wrath in a major way. What had he done? He had taken a census.