England Football Club

Sports: Why England Football Can’t Win a Championship

The Premier League is the most distinguished football league in the world. Just about any young man with aspirations of playing pro ball would love a spot in this league. It carries with it history, legend and a sort-of prestige.

American Ice Dance Pair Charlie and Meryl

Sochi Olympics Combine Sport and Religion

In legends of Greek mythology, an heroic figure, Prometheus, was taken captive and put in chains. There an eagle ravaged his liver. Though it grew back again, it was pecked out once more. This was the penalty from the gods for stealing their fire and handing it out to humans, giving them illumination. Thus Prometheus is symbolic of Satan, or Lucifer, the “light-bringer.” This legend took place on the cliffs of Sochi.

World Cup – Yet Another Draw?

I have seen some unbelievable things this year watching the World Cup. Before it all began, I much anticipated it. This being from the last World Cup, although I was quite disappointed with the result. Even so, I had the fever. This year I wasn’t quite so sure. There had been some early grievances with…