Winter Olympic

Lifestyle: Pyeongchang Inspires

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Overview


Sonnets: Sonnet Filling My Eyes with Goodness

Memories of England sneak through the waves, Riding thousands of miles on rough seas. The beginnings of a quiet life frees The mind to carry what is in the grave. To remember the sacrifices made. The wind chills; the sun tries to help me breathe. Sometimes it is difficult to believe All the different gifts I had to…

Pampaneira NEW Year

Lifestyle: Finding Focus

Happy 2018! I hope that last year was fruitful for you. I am not focusing on material prosperity, but spiritual prosperity when I say that! I pray that you let the Lord have HIs way with you.

What Every Woman Should Know

I want to remind you again the purpose for writing this book was to help liberate women around the world. To lay a foundation of our spirituality. Our sexuality. To create a book especially for women. Outside of the fact that it was a world system made by men to suit men, it was considered…

What Every Woman Should Know

CHAPTER 1 – PART 3 IN THE BEGINNING Remember we are looking at the covenants of God in the Old Testament.  To me this is evidence that God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives, not setting a list of law and order and abandoning us in them, eagerly waiting for us…