Jesus Loves People

Bible Study: Mark Chapter 2: Expectations

Away with the Mosaic Law and in with the New Covenant.

Hope in Death

Daily Living: Of Death and Dying

Our spirit leaves the flesh when we exhale for the last time. From that point, we are without borders. If you fear this, read on.

Religion and Fasting

Religion: Fasting Part II

If you want to be more victorious, to increase your spiritual senses and discipline your body, if you have urgent prayers and want to be ushered into the presence of God, anoint your head and wash your face. Grab your bible and go into your closet and fast and pray!

Religion and Fastiing

Religion: Fasting Part I

If you want to bang on Heaven’s door and be ushered directly to the Throne of Grace, fast! God will know how serious you are on any given matter through fasting! Your fervent prayers will reach His ears.