Tongues from Hell

Bible Study: James: The Deadly Tongue

An uncontrolled tongue will affect my relationship with God.

Favoring the Rich

Bible Study: James: Favoritism

Love your neighbor. This is the highest law possible regarding human relationships.

Helping Widows

Bible Study: James: Be Doers

I just want to say, on top of gaining wisdom through our trials, we get closer and closer to seeing the Face of God. This is truly remarkable.

Pray in Trials

Bible Study: James: Rejoice Through Trials

Don’t be angry with God when trials come. Wisdom awaits you!

Pampaneira NEW Year

Lifestyle: Finding Focus

Happy 2018! I hope that last year was fruitful for you. I am not focusing on material prosperity, but spiritual prosperity when I say that! I pray that you let the Lord have HIs way with you.

Sukka for Sukkot, a Jewish Thanksgiving

Holidays: The First Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving approaching, many of us grow nostalgic.¬†Images of Thanksgivings past come to the forefront. Maybe we think of the Macy’s parade, of turkey dinner, or even sitting around with the men watching the Dallas Cowboys play the Washington Redskins.¬†Maybe we had special times with family and loved ones. Time off from responsibility might have…

Elijah and Baal

Bible Study: I Kings 18: Go! Look Again! Part 2

The Almighty, the Creator of the ends of the earth could have sent down fire to consume the whole lot of them and scorch every last hair on their heads. But that is not why he sent Elijah. He sent Elijah to get the attention of the people, to save them from the hand of Ahab and from living a life devoted to sin.