Famous Painting of the Second Coming

Bible Study: Revelation: Week Four

here comes another parenthetical portion in Revelation. This one is between the sounding of the sixth and seventh trumpets, and it is the only thing remaining that is to be sealed and is to remain a mystery. At this point, the earth is 3 ½ years into the tribulation. Keep in mind that after the seals and six trumpets about one half of the earth’s population has been destroyed. The wrath of God with its judgements has been relentless.


Bible Study: Revelation: Week Three

In Revelation Chapter 7, this is where most of the confusion and disagreement arises regarding the Second Coming of Christ. The church today knows what is called the rapture, though this word is not a biblical one. And this event will occur before the Second Coming. While the majority of the Bible runs chronological, when it differs from this, it becomes hard to follow.

Study Guide Manual on the Book of Revelation

Bible Study: Revelation: Answers to Questions from Week Two

Below you will find the questions for day one of the second week during the seven-week devotional, as well as the answers. This is a sample of the Revelation in Seven Week: A Bible Study: Teachers Manual study guide. It is prepared to help the Bible study teacher delve further into the book of Revelation to bring further insight into the group. This is all structured to encourage and develop conversation amongst the group and to get everyone involved.