Elijah and Baal

Bible Study: I Kings 18: Go! Look Again! Part 2

The Almighty, the Creator of the ends of the earth could have sent down fire to consume the whole lot of them and scorch every last hair on their heads. But that is not why he sent Elijah. He sent Elijah to get the attention of the people, to save them from the hand of Ahab and from living a life devoted to sin.

Jehu slaughters Ahab's sons

Religion: Jehu and the Seventy Sons of Ahab

I was reading recently in the book of I and II Kings and had an epiphany. Toward the end of chapter 10 in the second book, I came to an abrupt halt when I read about the slaughter of the 70 sons of Ahab, his confidants, friends and even acquaintances. Anyone remotely related to him and any connection to the worship of Baal was annihilated by Jehu and his men.