Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Holidays: Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is perhaps the most purely religious holiday we celebrate in the US.

Nativity Painting

Holidays: Top Ten Christmas Carols

If you are familiar with any of these Christmas carols, then perhaps you will agree with the selection. If you haven’t heard of all these Christmas songs and didn’t know their history, then you are in for an extra treat should you give them a listen. In fact, I think Christmas should be celebrated all year and these songs included.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

I have the doldrums again. I get like this every year around Thanksgiving. I miss my family back in the U.S. I miss that wonderful warmth that goes around the house, beginning in the kitchen. Thanksgiving is full of special memories. There’s the festivities that begin the night before. Special Thanksgiving services at church. Getting…