Mangers and Carols

Holidays: Top Ten Christmas Carols

Of course, Jesus was born at the end of September or early October, not during winter or on December 25th. There is no reason to keep these beautiful Christmas carols from being sung all throughout the year.

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Holidays: Good Friday Was Good

All through the Old Testament God required atonement. During this whole period, He knew He would provide the way out, and for sin to be dealt with once and for all. The resurrection then sealed the path for us to live wholly well for eternity, not with the condition of sin for eternity! Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Nativity Painting

Holidays: Top Ten Christmas Carols

If you are familiar with any of these Christmas carols, then perhaps you will agree with the selection. If you haven’t heard of all these Christmas songs and didn’t know their history, then you are in for an extra treat should you give them a listen. In fact, I think Christmas should be celebrated all year and these songs included.