Church Sex Scandal

Commentary: Bill Hybels Loses His Legacy

Who wants to know how to suffer well, especially if practice is involved?

Hating Evil

Daily Living: Of Goodness

I know lots and lots of people who I consider to be good, and a few people I consider to be great. But I have to ask myself, do they hate wickedness?


Sonnets: Sonnet Filling My Eyes with Goodness

Memories of England sneak through the waves, Riding thousands of miles on rough seas. The beginnings of a quiet life frees The mind to carry what is in the grave. To remember the sacrifices made. The wind chills; the sun tries to help me breathe. Sometimes it is difficult to believe All the different gifts I had to…

Pampaneira NEW Year

Lifestyle: Finding Focus

Happy 2018! I hope that last year was fruitful for you. I am not focusing on material prosperity, but spiritual prosperity when I say that! I pray that you let the Lord have HIs way with you.