SIgnificant Eight

Religion: The Eighth Day

I get excited when I think about the eighth day.

equality and male domination

Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: Adam Dominates

History is filled with an infinite number of tragic stories regarding inequality, chauvinism and abuse towards women around the globe. While many of these accounts are shocking, God was not surprised by any of them.

Satan Tempts Eve

Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: Adam and Eden

YHWH was in no way surprised by the fall in the garden.

Insight in Genesis

Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: The Difference Between Adam and Eve

There are so many mysteries to discover if we slow our pace as we read God’s word. If we approach the Bible with an open mind, assuming nothing, we can learn a lot more.

Insight in Genesis

Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: Creation and Adam

Recognize that the fact that God rested on the seventh day was not because He was tired. He was foreshadowing all that was to come in sin and death and eternal separation from Himself.

A day length during creation

Perfect Theology: How Long was an Actual Day During the 7 Days of Creation?

Was a day during the time of Creation actually 24 hours long? Does the Theory of Relativity come into play here? Discover the different ideas that are out there and then decide.

The Universe in pictures

Perfect Theology: Just How Old is the Universe?

Science and Religion haven’t always made good friends. Is there any proof of how old our universe really is? Is there evidence all around us? Perhaps the Creation account just might be telling us something.