Feeling Alone

Lifestyle: Moving Closer to God

For me, the most helpful of all my routines is prayer. When we move closer to God, He moves closer to us.


Lifestyle: Global Chaos

Gear up for battle. Stop fighting with a plastic fork and grab your sword! Love your enemies!

Valentines Day Humility

Lifestyle: Love Means Being Clothed in Humility

I must always put on humility, and it is very difficult to do, as it is counter-intuitive. I must put others above myself. I must stop grumbling, complaining and disputing. There is no love and no mercy in these things.

Praying and Renewing Mind

Lifestyle: Renewing the Mind Part 2

Our job, then, is to take every thought captive. Sift through and discern the lies and the negative thoughts. This takes practice, so give yourself room for error. The book of Hebrews teaches us that in order to discern good from evil, we must be disciplined. What this means is we must connect with God through prayer and through the Holy Bible.


Lifestyle: Renewing the Mind Part 1

We need a renewed mind. We need a mind set apart from the world and the deceitfulness of riches. This isn’t easy! We need God’s help. He knew that and He didn’t abandon us in this!

Biggest Waterfall in World

Lifestyle: Force of Love

We can move mountains and try to muster the faith to do it. But let us also remember the illustration of the refiner’s fire. God will not let that mountain move until the timing of it is perfect.

new year resolution

Lifestyle: New Year’s Awakening 2016

There is so much hatred in the world. I am no longer satisfied with just kind thoughts, positive thinking, loving when it suits me. I want to have such an impact in my own personal Judea. I want not just to love, but to be a FORCE of love.