Closing Ceremony Sochi Olympics

Sochi Winter (Spring) Olympics: Hot. Cool. Closed.

Skiers were veering off course all day long. Even the really, really good ones like Ted Ligety, who had a good chance of a medal going into the 2nd run, sitting in 6th place. But as the day went on, the course deteriorated even further. Disappointing.

What was the biggest disappointment? Maybe the US hockey team leaving without a medal. Or the overrated US women figure skaters. Or the continued corruption by figure skating judges, and how Kim Yuna lost out on a much deserved gold medal, especially after Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova two-footed one of her landings but some how managed to receive top spot.

Super Summer Sports Sundays for Spain

Sundays in Spain have been worth celebrating this summer. First, there came Rafa Nadal in all his strength and glory wielding his tennis racket like a warrior. He continues to prove that he is the best clay court tennis player ever to have played the sport as he clinched his fifth French Open title in…

World Class Spain Wins World Cup

Four years ago I enjoyed the World Cup soccer tournament for the first time. I was living in England. While all the hype there was centered around the English team, they only ended up disappointing. They did it again this year. But I had my hopes on Spain, after seeing them four years ago. The…

World Cup – Yet Another Draw?

I have seen some unbelievable things this year watching the World Cup. Before it all began, I much anticipated it. This being from the last World Cup, although I was quite disappointed with the result. Even so, I had the fever. This year I wasn’t quite so sure. There had been some early grievances with…