Bible Study: Mark Chapter 8: Who’s the Chief?

Caesarea Philippi is in the northern part of Israel, and sits at the foothills of Mount Hermon along the Jordan River where a spring flowed from a cave so deep that it couldn’t be measured and came to be believed to be the Gates of Hell.


Religion: The Eighth Day

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Most people I know have favorite numbers. Over the years, I have grown to favor odd numbers, especially 3, 7, and 11. I was fortunate enough to have a magic birthdate of 7/11. My father always said I should go to Vegas and shoot craps because of my “special” birthdate. How…

Perfect Theology: Coveting Exposed

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? I have been going through the Old Testament chronologically again this summer. And I love it. But recently, I received another slap upside the head. The last one came in the winter when I realized how much pride I suffer. This is completely disturbing, because God opposes the proud. I…

Lifestyle: Spiritual Disciplines

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? I am a skill collector. What this means is that I am not extremely talented in any one major thing. Instead, I grab onto whatever skill has my attention for the moment and I give it 100% until I am satisfied, then, without even putting my mind to searching for…