Podcast | SamSword – the Forum: Patriarchy: Abraham

In this episode, we look at the patriarch Abraham and put him under the lens. From this point on, as we look as the patriarchs of Judaism and the rest of Genesis, its going to look more like a character study. Those familiar with the Bible would tell you the most important thing about Abraham was his faith. A reference that supports this can be found in Romans 4, so check it out. To paraphrase, it says Abraham was reconciled to God through his faith. If you want to know more about patriarchy, you might want to take a look at a book I wrote What Every Woman Should Know. You can find it at Writeious Books or on Amazon.

To comprehend just how outstanding this was, the whole world around him practiced polytheism, the worship of many Gods. Now if you’re tracking with me from the previous series and you know what I mean when I the Table of Nations, Abraham is the perfect example of this. He was from the line of Seth, and that means he was spiritually awake, meaning he believe in God and that his spirit would live on after his flesh died.

Many people believe Abram was a Jew, but he wasn’t. He was an Amorite and an outlaw. So join me in this episode and learn all about the patriarch. I hope to serve you up some food for thought and that you’ll have a little snack and will come back for more!

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Written by Jori Sams

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