Press Release: What Every Woman Should Know

What Every Woman Should
Know: Volume II – The Way Forward Now Available!

The Way Forward is the second volume of the What Every Woman Should Know series and picks up where A Journey of Liberty leaves off. Years ago I set out on a journey to discover what God was thinking when he made man and woman. Particularly woman. Did he create them to be equal? The result: my book What Every Woman Should Know.

After the wonderful example Jesus left us regarding the value of women and how to treat them, the New Testament authors carried his example forward honoring women, tearing down status within the church, and the heavy yoke placed upon women was eased. This was so wonderful and liberating.

This volume examines the dilemmas women have faced through the ages, right on up to the present day. There’s some fascinating details and some astounding connections I make which have released me over the years, and I hope the information will have the same effect on you! 

What Every Woman Should Know is a book meant to be explored together with the women you love most to discuss what you’ve learned. Just as in Volume I, you’ll find a summary, study questions, and key points to remember at the back of the book. What is the way forward? Find out in digital or print here or visit Writeious Books.

Create. Inspire. Repeat.

So sit down, and have a little snack as I serve up some food for thought and pass along a portion of real meaty stuff that I think every woman should know!

Author Jori Aguilar Sams – JAS

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