Podcast | SamSword – the Forum: The Wrath of God: The Tower of Babel

The final installment in the series on the Wrath of God, in this episode I unpack the Tower of Babel. Angry at God for bringing the flood and altering the course of humanity, Nimrod calls all people to himself to design and construct a temple on high ground where a flood could never reach them. They thought they could continue in their rebellion without interruption.

But God had different plans. He doesn’t have to do the perform the same miracle twice, nor to repeat the same judgment. In order to slow wickedness down, he brings confusion upon mankind. But in it was his grace, because neither man, animal, nor plant is harmed. Changing up the language of man proved effective. It still holds us back today.

Join me in this final episode in the Wrath of God podcast series by SamSword. I’m the face behind the voice. I hope to serve you up some food for thought and that you’ll have a little snack and will come back for more!

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Written by Jori Sams

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