Press Release: New Single, New Book

Don’t Be Quiet
and The Great Lockdown Journals Out Now

Don’t Be Quiet is a smooth, yet haunting track and it’s so connected to the lines of my book, that I’ve used it for the soundtrack of my book trailer, which you can find below. The single is about not keeping your faith to yourself. It’s not just about holding on to your faith, but also in realizing that through it you have joy, and God within you.

It’s been a while since I’ve released a single, and I feel a little behind with my music because I’ve been concentrating on getting my book out. Now it’s out!

Some might call the book controversial, and I understand some of the information might be sensitive, but so are the times we’re living in and some people are looking for truth and healing from the aftermath of lockdowns and hysteria. I’ve gone through some challenges in trying to get this book out. It was picked up by a publisher, but we couldn’t come to terms so we parted ways. It’s been censored by most social media and Big Tech. And I’ve had my website hacked and disabled. Someone doesn’t want this book in print. I don’t know why, though, because it isn’t harmful to anyone. The book is meant to leave us something to remember about this battle we’re in. And it’s meant to answer some of the question that aren’t being addressed in mainstream media. Mostly, I hope we can all reconnect and I hope this book will lead us in that direction.

It’s a book that leaves you with an experience, not a book you sit back and enjoy. It’s intense! It will also leave you with hope.

In The Great Lockdown Journals, with my heart in my mouth, I put the pandemic under the lens. One single virus stopped the world from spinning, causing a global economic shutdown. We have been scared, scourged, and separated. The Great Lockdown is a telling book examining the contagion along with its mysterious onset and the rising controversies connected to it that are deeply dividing as the insurmountable mess gets bigger. What happens next?

If you need a soul lift, you can check out Don’t be Quiet and The Great Lockdown Journals at Writeious Books or on Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and Nook Books. Here’s a link to my SoundCloud and Spotify profiles! Enjoy! And let me know what you think. Like, Subscribe, Follow, and Share!

Create. Inspire. Repeat.

Written by Jori Aguilar Sams – Author and Singer-Songwriter

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