Podcast | SamSword – the Forum: The Wrath of God: The Table of Nations

We’re at the deep end in this series about the wraths of God. Moving away from the Flood, this episode looks at the most intriguing of subjects. The Table of Nations. We learn so much from these short verses in Genesis 10 as we get our final glimpse of Noah before we hear from him no more.

Noah was a faithful man, and God blessed the world through him. Learn about the blessings he passed on to each of his children and what he prophesied over them. There is something very special about the sons of Noah and how the three of them each possess one of the three majors components of a man. This subject is rarely discussed in Christian circles, but it is a very rich part of our heritage and everyone should be familiar with it. As the brothers dispersed out across the land, they took these traits and strengths with them and are still visible in us today. Each one of us descends from one of these brothers. We are all related!

Join me in this next episode in the Wrath of God podcast series by SamSword.I’m the face behind the voice. I hope to serve you up some food for thought and that you’ll have a little snack and will come back for more!

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Written by Jori Sams

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