Podcast | SamSword – the Forum: The Wrath of God: The Flood – The Disembarkation

Before we get to one of the most interesting and overlooked bits of information in the Bible, The Table of Nations, I want to give you a little insight into the Flood. We’ve looked at the pre-flood life of Noah, his faith in completing the ark, the time on the ark, we now turn to life for Noah once off the vessel.

Once again, we find controversy over the word of God in the grey areas. Life off the ark brings much to disagree on. Namely, what was the nakedness of Noah? Why did he curse his youngest son’s son?

Join me in this next episode in the Wrath of God podcast series by SamSword. That’s me! I’m the face behind the voice. I hope to serve you up some food for thought and that you’ll have a little snack!

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Written by Jori Sams

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