Podcast | SamSword – the Forum: The Sons of Adam: Cain’s Descendants

As I’ve been giving you some insights in Genesis in my podcasts, SamSword – The Forum, we’ve moved from series to series and are now moving towards the finish on the series The Sons of Adam. In this next episode, we’re exploring Cain and his line to see if they carried the same bad seed. We’ll look at Tubalcain and Jabal and discover that they were inventors, perhaps the first of any great magnitude. We’ll see what else the line of Cain cultivated.

This episode presents a real challenge for us to see where we’re at, what we’re cultivating ourselves, and with what spirit. God loves people. He is eager for us to repent and go the way with him. He gives us every opportunity. It’s a shame that people look at him with the false notion that he is a dictator or tyrant; he is full of so much compassion, grace, and mercy. He is ready to greet us with open arms. If you cannot see this I encourage you to look a little closer or to ask God to remove whatever it is that’s blinding you!

So why not spend twenty minutes and give this a listen? Have a little snack! I’ll leave you some food for thought! The bottom line . . . be like a city on the hill shining so bright that you can give hope to those around you, and cultivate goodness. If you have any questions or comments, reach out! Like. Subscribe. Follow. And share!

Written by Jori Sams

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