Podcast|SamSword – the Forum: The Sons of Adam: Cain and Abel

This week I begin a new podcast series from my insights to Genesis. The Sons of Adam. Adam and Eve were trying to re-establish themselves, and struggling. We know the consequences of the Fall were great. Adam now had to contend with weeds and thorn and hard physical labor and Eve was going to long for her husband and bear children in a more painful, and less than ideal way, which makes me believe there was in God’s plan an easier way to give birth before the fall. 

Today we have our first glimpse at Cain and Abel and the many contrasts. And Abel becomes the first death. A murder. Instantly Eve would begin to understand the depth in the error of her decision to eat the forbidden fruit.

Let’s look at Cain. The first born of Adam and Eve. The first person born into a fallen world. He had every opportunity to be a good role model, unparagoned, because he conversed with God. He could have been a real patriarch. But, sadly, God doesn’t find such a man until Abram.

Cain becomes the classic image of indulgence, envy, hatred and violence. There’s not a lot said about Cain or Abel. But what we do know, Eve says she’s gotten a man with the help of the Lord. She may have understood that God was going to bring humanity back into the Garden and thought Cain was that vehicle.

Why was Cain’s sacrifice rejected but Abels’s was accepted?

What can we learn from this account?

Give it a listen and have a little snack! I’ll leave you some food for thought! The bottom line . . . be like Abel and not like Cain.

Written by Jori Sams

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