Bible Study: Mark: Conclusion

Power of God


Wow! For me, this Bible study has been so rewarding. I’ve been bring you chapter by chapter synopsis of the Gospel of Mark since January! I think this winter I’ll actually pen a study manual on this, it had such a great effect on me.

I just want to recap this study, and leave you with some final thoughts. Remember Mark’s audience of the day. He wrote his gospel account with the purpose of proving the divinity of Jesus, and that He fulfilled the prophetic requirements to be the Messiah. He wanted the world to know that Jesus came to redeem. He wrote hoping to convert Jews, while focusing on the church in Rome, which was in its infancy. 

Mark Facts

Mark was from a wealthy family, a scribe and companion of Paul and Peter. When he left Rome, he went to Alexandria and planted a church there. His book was the first of the four gospels written roughly 30 years before when Paul and Peter were still alive. His book is full of action, mood and urgency, moving quickly.

At the time this book was penned, Peter and Paul were still alive and the church hadn’t yet begun to be persecuted.  

Mark, also known as John Mark, was first introduced to us in the Book of Acts. At one stage in Paul’s ministry, he and Barnabas take John Mark on a missions trip, and he abandons them. Later, when they set off at some other point and time, John Mark has matured and Barnabas wants to include them on their missions trip. But Paul refuses. They dispute so severely that the part ways. Barnabas goes off with John Mark and Paul goes off with Silas.

God used this for good! But what would have happened to Mark if Barnabas would have given up on him? Don’t give up on brothers and sisters in Christ, you can be an encourager and leader. Let the Lord guide you in love. That’s the first thing I want us to remember when we think of the Gospel of Mark.

Now, taking some bullet points from the study of the Gospel of Mark:

-Satan will come to you when you’re the weakest; Overcome temptations by knowing the Truth, the Word of God and trusting God to meet the needs of your life.

-Don’t be a careless Christian; strive to be holy.

-Riches and self-gratification aren’t a way to avoid suffering.

-Jesus came for the sick.

-Come to Jesus with faith and expectation.Mount of Olives

-God made the Sabbath for man, not the man for the Sabbath.

-He is the New Wine and the fulfillment of Mosaic Law.

-Let the seed fall on good soil.

-Some seeds have small beginnings, but grow to be large providing much shelter, like the mustard seed.

-Even if you face perils, God will preserve you.

-Self Denial…deny flesh. Be a light in the darkness, but realize you can’t force faith on people. It’s a work of the Holy Spirit.

-Mark teaches how to deal with personal sin. To seek status in His kingdom.

-If you bless in word or deed someone because they follow Christ, God will remember you, and reward you. On the opposite, if you persecute or punish someone simply because they follow Jesus, or cause them to sin, severe punishment awaits.

-Jesus came to serve, and He asked the people He was ministering to what He could do for them. When was the last time you asked someone what you can do for them?

-Pray in Jesus name, and pray for things that bring glory to God.

-In the parable of the tenants and the field, the tenants assume the owner of the field is dead. They kill his son expecting to inherit the vineyard.

-There will be many false Christs.

-These fake Messiahs will persecute Christians.

-Jesus reveals that His soul is deeply distressed to the point of death, so we know He understands humanity and all our hurts and weaknesses.

-He is merciful. 

-Admit your shortcomings. Bring them into the light, then faster then you can blink, they will fade away in the light of Him! 

-If you have faith in Jesus, have a strong enough backbone to support that faith.

-Have confidence in Jesus.

Mark Bible Study Wrap-up

I understand the list is long! Not everything on it is going to resonate with you, but some of it will! Focus on those things. This is how the Holy Spirit convicts us and compels us. Salvation is a free gift, but God gives us the tools on this earth to work it out, as we are His work in progress. We must work it out! We must be light in the darkness. Look around you. How dark it is! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this study! Shout out and let me know how it has helped or affected you. If you have any further insights, let us hear them! Iron sharpens iron. I hope when you look at the Gospel of Mark next, you will look at it with new eyes, with a fresh beginning.

Written by Jori Sams



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