Perfect Theology: Coveting Exposed



I have been going through the Old Testament chronologically again this summer. And I love it. But recently, I received another slap upside the head. The last one came in the winter when I realized how much pride I suffer. This is completely disturbing, because God opposes the proud. I don’t want him to oppose me.

Six months later, I am in pain again. I guess, if I go through growing pains every six months, it isn’t so bad. We all are in need of spiritual pruning, right? And pruning hurts!

God Builds His Nation Israel

One of my favorite Old Testament books is Deuteronomy. It is chock full of specific, pertinent details for the chosen nation of Israel to remain pure, each one with a special purpose. God was building His nation, the nation through which He would bless all other nations, and He wanted to be intimately involved…

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