Bible Study: Mark Chapter 2: Expectations

Power of God

Bible Study on Mark Chapter 2

As we continue unpacking the Gospel of Mark, we look today at chapter two. Just to recap, Mark, also called John Mark, was a close companion of both Paul and Peter and this gospel shadows the personality of Peter. This chapter leaves us three reasons to rejoice in Jesus in. 

Three Reasons to Rejoice in Jesus

One, He taught the disciples to pray, and He teaches us today. Two, He healed the masses, and He heals us today. Sometimes He still heals in the flesh, but it is the spirit that He rescues, redeeming us for eternal salvation if we follow Him. And three, He is the New Wine. In the final verses of this passage, He tells us so foretelling of both His crucifixion and His resurrection. Though no one probably understood at that time what He was saying, they could look back on His words and make sense of it as was revealing that He is like new wine going in new wineskins. Away with the Mosaic Law and in with the New Covenant.

An Act of Faith Jesus Loves People

In the passage where the four men lower their friend to Jesus, this was an act of great faith! First, Jesus was engaged in teaching. He was speaking about any healing. Also, they were interrupting a meeting, and with such boldness. They came with expectation. They believed Jesus would heal their friends’ paralysis.

Jesus takes an opportunity to address the man’s spiritual condition, too,  saying to him, “Your sins are forgiven.” That statement deals with a spiritual relationship, instead of a physical condition, and is not physically evident.  Anyone can utter the words, “Your sins are forgiven,” but who can verify whether or not forgiveness has actually occurred? Jesus proves He has the authority to forgive sins by healing the man’s sickness. This was important, because a healing a physical condition is evident.

Note the love Jesus has for all of these men. The Pharisees were being self-righteous, shunning those who lived openly immoral lives and those that were the outcasts of society. In Luke 15:2, Jesus tells us that He did not come for the righteous, but for the unrighteous, the sinners. His primary purpose for coming was to forgive us, to reconcile us to God.

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