Bible Trivia: How Many Marys are in the Bible?


Famous Mangers

One of the most interesting aspects of Spain this time of year, the Yuletide, is looking up the variety of Belenes, or little model Bethlehems. It stretches the idea of a manger scene. You can find them in shop windows, churches, town halls and little booths scattered around the cities.

The one common denominator between them all is Jesus, Joseph and Mary. As I walked around the many different Belenes, looking up the figure of Mary, I began to think about her name. Mary.

It is such a popular name in Latin countries. Especially in Spain. And in my village. It seems like 1 out of every 2 women has that name.

What about in the Bible? How many women named Mary are mentioned in the New Testament?

In fact, if you take a quick glance, you might find as many as eight. If you do a bit of research…

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