Religion: Searching for Utopia


Can we find paradise?

Searching for Utopia over the decades has been exhausting. And disappointing. It is only recently I have come to understand why. In the beginning, Adam and Eve walked in Eden with God, their Creator. It was a perfect place.

Once banned from there, they had to toil a land filled with thorns and thistles making their work laborious. Something deep within them constantly yearned to be back in the Garden. But there was no going back for them. Ever.

In this life, anyways.

“Each one of us longs for a better life.”

I strongly believe, however, that this is the reason each one of us longs for a perfect life. For Utopia. It is bred in us through ancestry, because Adam and Eve experienced it for real. It was once attainable.

On this space I cannot begin to cover all the ways we search for Utopia. We search for it…

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