Interesting People From the Bible: Who Was Asaph? Part 3


Asaph, the Biblical Worship Leader

Asaph began to understand that God’s kingdom that was coming down was not through Solomon or his temple; this wasn’t it! For it was obvious that it could not be; it was destroyed. The Kingdom of God and the Messiah were yet to come and they would come through David’s seed, as God promised, but it wasn’t Solomon! God revealed it to Asaph who was faithful to him, and it gave Asaph great strength.

So much strength, along with hope, enough to carry him through the darkness.

The true Solomon, or Prince of Peace, with perfect wisdom, the true kingdom, the everlasting temple was going to come in that of Jesus Christ!

Isn’t it a powerful thing? I really meditate and concentrate on this. And how God does this in our own lives today. He reaches down and gives us a glimpse of eternity. And this gives us hope to…

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