Daily Living: Of Faith Like Abraham

Faith Like AbrahamThose who know me well will tell you, I’m a bit of a rolling stone, a wandering Jew. These things are in my nature. I’m a curious soul who loves to explore and discover. This applies to both my physical as well as my spiritual nature. I’ve never been afraid to leap off the edge. I want to live a life abandoned to God.

Having said that, I don’t know what I would think if I were extremely wealthy, owning luxury villas, castles, hotels, and all things fine if God says to me one day when I am 75, “Leave your home, your family, your belongings, your comfort, your country, and for the rest of your life go live in a tent in the cold, snowy mountains.”

Would I do it?

Abraham did. I want to take a quick look at the faith of this man, and of the patriarchs. When God set him apart to establish a nation for Himself and his plan of salvation and redemption for humanity, Abraham was the most righteous 

Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac Jacob

man on the planet. Besides this, we know that most of the world, even after the Flood, was bent on evil. There weren’t many faithful souls walking.

The Mighty Faith of Abraham

That changed when God’s plan hung on Abraham, and his descendants. God changed the world through one man, and God was quite confident that this man would pass along his faith and his new religion to his heirs, Isaac and Jacob. There is something symbolic about their lives.

First, consider that all none of the patriarchs had a moral claim to God. Not one was actually better than the other. We can read about their moral failures, too, in Genesis. They were deceivers when their lives were at risk. Abraham and Isaac had beautiful wives which they put under the bus (or the camel). They followed the ways of Canaan, too, and took more than one wife. So did Jacob.

Symbolism of the Second Sons

Jacob was a big deceiver, too, fooling his father in order to steal the birthright that belonged to his older brother, who had been careless and forfeited it years before. The Book of Genesis doesn’t hide the blemishes and imperfections of the Patriarchs. In fact, there is symbolism in the lives of Isaac and Jacob as second sons receiving the inheritance.

Jesus is the second man to be called the Son of God. Adam is the first. This makes Jesus the second Adam, and the second son. Of course, Adam came to be the moment God breathed life into him, giving him a soul, but he had no mother, and he was made, not begotten. In other words, Adam didn’t always exist, he was made in the image of God, but he wasn’t God.

This is what separates Jesus. This is the foundation of our faith. Even before He came to Earth, He was with the Father. When Adam was born, Jesus was at the right hand of the Father. Here’s the symbolism. For those who believe, through Jesus, the second son, we will receive an inheritance that didn’t belong to us. Both Isaac and Jacob symbolize what is to come.

The Symbolism of Abraham

Jesus SacrificeAbraham’s life was symbolic, too. Many people are under the false conception that Isaac was a boy when Abraham tied him to the rock, preparing him for sacrifice. He was not. He was in his early thirties. Maybe even 33. Who does that sound like? Yahweh Jireh, God Provider, prepared a ram to take his place. Who was the final ram, the perfect ram, sacrificed? This is how great both of their faith was when they walked to the rock together. The Bible says Abraham believed Yahweh God was fully able to keep His promise to Abraham, making as many descendants as there were grains of sand and stars in the sky. Isaac believed it, too. He would need an heir in order for that to happen

They both believed Isaac, the second son, would rise from the dead.

This is astounding. What faith! What a close walk Abraham had with Yahweh. The Bible says this was credited as righteousness, even after his moral failures. What I want us to take home from this is: These men were just that, men with weaknesses and failures. These men believed in Yahweh. Yahweh can do amazing things for and through a man with faith. Yahweh cares more about our faith than our goodness. If we take care of our faith, He will take care of the rest.

Written by Jori Sams



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