Bible Study: Insights in Hebrews: Running the Race

Running RaceAs I have been blogging about Time, according to the Theory of Relativity, and the purpose of my Time here on earth, I begin to grasp all things about the Bible better. It is really a great foundation of understanding to build on. This helps me in my practical life.

In my personal challenges, I am able to see the big picture. My Maker, and all of the heavenly host, along with the angels assigned to me, watch me with fixed eyes. What will I do when I am faced with an opportunity to compromise? To cheat? To steal? Will I lose sight of my future, my eternity, of Jesus?

Heaven’s Cheering Squad

Those watching me are actually on my team. They support me and cheer when I am victorious. They are probably heavily downcast and extremely disappointed when I fail. They marvel at the bad, at the good, at the unbelievable. I Peter 1:12 teaches us that angels stand on their tiptoes to watch God’s redemptive work on men, to watch humans come to grace, to work out their salvation. They will never experience redemption, new birth, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. They stand in amazement as they witness God’s love for us.

Some people, however, might imagine God as a strict ruler, waiting to pass judgement on us when we make bad decisions, when we compromise. But really, He is our coach, and He is drawing us to make the giant step closer, closer, closer.

Finish the Course

As you run this race, please remember, not all of us will make it across the finish line. Some of us will fall and not get up. Some of us will get weary and lose strength. Some will turn back. To run with success, we all need discipline.

Today, this is lacking in the body. We don’t want to endure. We don’t want to wait to cross the finish line, we want the prize now! This is what Hebrews 12 is speaking of. When we read of the “Hall of Faith” in Hebrews chapter 11, we can get stuck. We have concentrated on those they went before us in Faith, their battles, their victories.

But the author of Hebrews doesn’t want us to stop there. He calls us further on. That’s because none of those beautiful and faithful saints in Hebrews 11 received the prize! Did you know that? On this earth, as victorious as they were, they still hadn’t crossed the finish line of perfection.

Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus

That’s why we need to take our eyes off of them and place them on the one who succeeded. Jesus! I need to set on this for a Stay on Coursemoment. I need to get my eyes off of other people and stop wasting energy to try to run their race.

Have you ever done this? Isn’t it exhausting? I see people whom I believe have made good decisions and the Lord is blessing, and I try to run their race. I try to stir up new gifts inside me, new talents, to become like someone who is having a successful life. I want to be near them. To be like them.

Hebrews 12 tells me to stop!


This is a real word for me today, because I am so challenged with this. I consider myself a quick learner and a fast runner in this race. Too fast, actually. I don’t want to wait around for those in my life that are slow runners, or for those that aren’t even out of their training shoes!

Faith and Endurance

For years this course has been too slow. I want the prize before I finish the race. I really think I do. I don’t feel content with the slow pace of things in my life. I wish God would hurry up and bless me with the things I am looking for, to guide me to success with my talents and hard work and dedication!

What’s with all the sleepless nights and suffering? How much endurance do I need? My pace has slowed so much, I am losing focus! I see this friend’s journey, and think, maybe I should switch my course. I see that man’s journey, and I think, maybe I should do what he is doing!

My mind wanders. I get distracted. I stop and look around me. Confusion sets in.

Am I blessing anyone? Am I using my gifts and talents to make a difference in anyone’s life? Most of the time, it doesn’t feel like it.

Even so, after reading Hebrews 12, I am refocused. I am tightening my shoelaces and moving forward slowly. I still have expectation. After forty years of this course, I still look for God’s blessing and guidance to keep me on track. I must stop measuring my experience by other people’s. I must persevere and run the race set before me, keeping my eyes on Jesus.

Written by Jori Sams



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