Author Interview: “The Hustle” Moroccan Travel Story

eBook Cover for the HustleWith the recent release of my ebook, The Hustle, many questions have arisen concerning the authoring of the book. So, today’s blog will highlight and address some of those questions. It takes a lot of tenacity to write a book, whether it be a novel or non-fiction. 

To write a book is one thing. To make it good another. To market a book is altogether something different. It takes grit and determination.

Here are five popular questions I answer regarding the authoring of The Hustle.

1- What motivated you to write The Hustle?

While spending a couple of weeks in Morocco, I realized Morocco isn’t really some place you go to vacation. It is some place you go to experience. Life from one side of the Med to the other is vastly different. The spirit. The food. The culture.

My time there was full of color and characters so large and vivid in my mind, a book was essential. I came home, sketched out the characters and sat down to write the book immediately, before the images faded from my mind.

2- You said you wrote The Hustle in three weeks. Is that normal for you?

I don’t think that is normal for anyone. I didn’t set out to write it so quickly. The story just unfolded so quickly and just wrote itself. I think, though, that this can only happen successfully if you have already established a discipline of writing.

No one is in the “zone” all of the time, but in order to ever be in the “zone,” you must have put in long hours during the times of being uninspired. You have to keep pushing through. This mode of practice and discipline builds endurance.

3- The Hustle is quite entertaining. Will you be writing more travel fiction in the future, or even travel fiction continuing with the Childs as the main characters?

I have no plans to focus my writing on travel or adventure fiction. I do, however, have plans for the Childs to live on, at least for one more novel. This novel will be set in their home country of Spain and focus on the hilarity and misadventures within their culture, home and work.

4- How many other books have you written?

To date, I have written around 20 books. The first seven were novels and were written back in the days of hard copy and are unedited, not available for sale or even for viewing, as they have been lost through the course of moving time and again. After writing these, I moved on to focus on song writing followed by a Bible study on Revelation, a children’s book series, Li’l Lingo, a book of poetry, and a book on equality. All of these are available at Writeious Books, and other ebook outlets, along with The Hustle.

5- What was the most rewarding thing about writing The Hustle?

Some people compare authoring books to having babies. My books are my babies. As in pregnancy, there is a long build-up, a lengthy time of development, a time of preparation. There are moments of anxiety, stress, frustration, pain. There are times when you just want the baby to hurry and be born.

Then, finally, the baby is born and your emotions are mixed to comprise relief, joy, excitement, fatigue, hope and a lot of work to come! The reward is in stepping away from the project, looking back at it and feeling immense satisfaction. If, after this, people happen upon the story, enjoy the journey it takes them on, relate to the characters and recommend the book, well, wow! Even more satisfaction. If the book comes to life in a movie, the satisfaction just keeps getting bigger. This is what I am hoping for!

The Hustle is travel fiction based on true events. It is on sale now. Find a free book sample here.

Chris and Hue Childs find themselves caught up in a frenzied race to keep up with a succession of dubious guides and chauffeurs leading them on a frantic trail from the Rif Mountains and Chefchaouen to Fes, the Sahara, Todra Gorge and Marrakech. Braving dilapidated buses, overcrowded taxis and runaway camels, Hue’s journey has much of the quest about it. A quest to overcome the haggling, the fear of abduction, the certainty that she is being duped, scammed and hustled at every turn, in search for the authentic Moroccan experience which continually gives her the slip.

By Jori Sams

Female Christian Music Artist
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Jori Sams is a Christian author and freelance writer with nearly 2000 published pieces on the Internet, with over 1500 being published by Yahoo. Her books are published through Writeious Books. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her following the sun… 

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