Bible Study: Insights on the Sermon on the Mount: To Conform

Scenes from the Life of ChristAs we continue with the Sermon on the Mount, we read Matthew 7:7-12. With this passage we move from judgment to prayer. What makes this a good transition?

Without keeping the context of chapter 7 at the forefront of our minds, we might miss it. But we are dealing with relationships, person to person. In judging the actions of our brothers, keeping the desire for God’s ultimate best in their lives, this transition seems natural. Helping our brothers in Christ will require us to pray.

Intercessory Prayer

Paul spends a lot of time petitioning us to petition for others. Peter also speaks about casting every single anxiety we have upon the Lord. God wants to be intimately involved with us, and He wants us to be intimate with each other.

This passage is very interesting as we are told to ask, seek and knock. It is all about praying. Praying tests our faith. Praying builds our patience. Praying requires for us to believe in God and that He is able.

connecting to GodThe concept of ask, seek and knock is better translated as follows: ask and keep asking; seek and keep seeking; knock and keep knocking. We are to seek God continually. This is our first priority. If we treat others as we want to be treated, the “Golden Rule”, and we seek God for every need, even the smallest daily need, then we will have completed the two most important commandments. Love God and love others.

Be Conformed

Jesus is laying down the moral and ethical requirements that we must meet if we are to be true followers of Him. God still wants to see our lives come into conformity with His standards of holiness. Realistically, these standards are too high for us. We need Jesus and the help of the Holy Spirit. Through His power, we can live a godly life.

I must consider, if my relationship with God isn’t healthy, then my other relationships will not be well either.

Written by Jori Sams



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