Bible Study: Insights on the Sermon on the Mount: God or Mammon

Scenes from the Life of ChristAfter talking about pride and fasting, Jesus moves to speaking about treasure and eyes and service. He is making a determined transition here. What is the significance?

What we value will determine the state of us. For instance, if we have pride, we might not think fasting applies to us. We simply don’t need to do it. If we value food, comforts, and luxury too much, they could even prevent us from fasting and accessing God’s throne and thus His grace. God, not status, food, possessions nor comfort, must be at our center or good behavior counts as nothing. There is no hiding what we value. It comes out in word and deed and in our priorities.

Serving God or Mammon

The eye, which is the soul’s mirror, will show the Lord who we serve, be it God or Mammon. Mammon was a pagan god in antiquity. Mammon was also a name given to one who would be in charge of someone’s wealth. Mammon then transformed to be the trust one has in money and the power it wields. This is a good place to stop and do another self-examination. Who do we serve?

The Worship of MammonQuite poignantly, people without a lot of money seem to have more worries. If you think it is true today, how much more back during the time Jesus spoke the Sermon on the Mount? There were rich. There were poor. You either owned servants, or you were one.

Worry Does No Good

It was really easy to serve Mammon, to long for money, for an easier life. Jesus makes a rich transition from talking about trusting in money or trusting in God to worry.

What is the most important thing Jesus teaches us about worry?

This is a beautiful and poetic segment of Jesus’ teaching. He illustrates sweetly our value. Worry doesn’t add a day to your life!

Faith Shown in Our Discipline

Though our faith isn’t works-based, our faith must be proactive. There are things we must do to proceed. Pray. Fast. Lay aside anything that keeps us from growth and take heed to not serve Mammon. And seek. The closing of this chapter is pivotal.

Jesus lets us know that we will have troubles. Every day! It may not sound comforting. Even so, we needn’t worry or pay them heavy mind. Pray about them, for certain, He has just instructed us this. Answered prayer casts out disbelief! So we seek, and if we seek we must expect! Commit it to the Lord and He will do it. Refer to Psalm 34. Seek God above all things, and He will take care of your needs.

God wants us to be constantly conscious of His presence.

Written by Jori Sams



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Jori Sams is a Christian author and freelance writer with nearly 2000 published pieces on the Internet, with over 1500 being published by Yahoo. Her books are published through Writeious Books. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her following the sun… 

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