Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: The Tower of Babel Part 3


Insight in Genesis

To comprehend the depths of the rebellion of the Tower of Babel against God, we have to understand the culture and their advanced knowledge, skills and artistic capabilities. Scholars suggest that the highest point of a temple, which sat on the ziggurat, was imitating heaven. Within its chamber would be something like baked clay tiles painted blue to represent the heavens. It could have had gold-plated stars, the sun, the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury, the five known planets at the time, surrounded with the zodiac and their god in the center. In the ages to come, Nebuchadnezzar built a tower such as this.

The Egyptians cast their pyramids to resemble this. Even the Mayan temples reflected the Tower of Babel. The spirit of Babel still lives. Cities today have buildings with Babylonian designs, pyramids or Mayan temple shapes sitting at the dome of the building or as facades.

The Blasphemous Temple

The stench reaching up to the Heavens must have been quite severe. God, although giving His creation freewill, had to put and end to the wickedness. He had a perfect plan of redemption that had to be ignited with the faith of one man who was yet to come. He was going to raise a nation through which salvation would come, and He had to protect those that were still unborn.

There is no way an Almighty and Holy God would witness the rising of the ultimate blasphemous temple.

God’s Grace as Seen in His Judgment of Babel

There is a sense of genius, as we would expect from a Supreme Creator, in the way that God implemented the scattering of languages. The most advanced language scholars come to the conclusion that there is a certainty that all languages derived from one origin. Most also agree that there were three main language types (most definitely stemming from the three sons of Noah). And for sure language had to be highly advanced with multiplicity of words during the time of the building of the Tower of Babel within a highly organized, intricate and developed civilization.

Ishtar on the Top of the Chicago Trade BuildingSumer, the site of the first civilization, was under the lineage of Ham. Being mindful that Ham was the physical and technical genius of the brothers, it is pertinent that God struck that advanced lineage of Babel with chaos and confusion through languages rather than the lineages of Shem and Japheth. When the Hamitic people dispersed, taking their new languages with them, which would scatter to the utmost ends of the earth, the Hamitic people in particular would possess the inherent skill to survive and multiply in any conditions.

God’s methods were instantly effective and enduring.

Dante’s De Vulgari Eloquentia on page 82 reads, “Almost the whole human race had come together to the work (of the tower of Babel). Some were giving orders, some were acting as architects, some were building the walls, some were adjusting the masonry with rules, some were laying on the mortar with trowels, some were quarrying stone, some engaged in bringing it by water, some by land; and different companies were engaged in different other occupations, when they were struck by such confusion from Heaven that all those who were attending to the work, using one and the same language, left the work on being estranged by many different languages and never again came together in the same intercourse. For the same language remained to those alone who were engaged in the same kind of work; for instance, one language remained to all the architects, another to those preparing the stone; and so it happened to each group of workers. And the human race was then accordingly divided into as many different languages as there were different branches to the work.”

Watch this space for part 4…

Written by Jori Sams

Mosaic Law
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