Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: Noah and the Table of Nations Part 3


Insight in Genesis

In school, I was taught that there are three definitive races: African, Caucasian and Asian. Upon researching for this article series, I at first believed the three sons of Noah could fall under one of these categories. Japheth beginning the Caucasians, Shem the Asians and Ham the Africans.

While some scholars might cling to this theory, Arthur Custance goes to great length in his Doorway Papers to prove otherwise. His theory is that while Caucasians started with Japheth, both Africans and Asians are actually Hamitic, as well as all people with colored skin be it red, yellow, brown or black. The exception is the aborigines from Australia. No one is certain where they should be classified.

The Technical Side to Hamites

This brings me to the technical aspect of the Hamites. Not only were the Hamitic people physically strong, they were technical thinkers. Inventors. They were so clever that they were the only set of people who were able to spread out into all territories after the Flood and thrive.

Hamites were able to adapt to whatever surroundings they were in. Hamites adapted in the desert. Look at Native Americans. Hamites adapted in the mountains. Look at the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans. Hamites adapted in the snow and ice, too. Look at the Eskimos. All Hamitic peoples.

The Servants of Mankind

“Descendants of Ham included the Egyptians and Sumerians, who founded the first two great empires of antiquity, as well as other great nations such as the Phoenicians, Hittites, and Canaanites. The modern African tribes and the Mongol tribes (including today the Chinese and Japanese), as well as the American Indians and the South Sea Islanders, are probably dominantly Hamitic in origin,” says Lambert Dolphin on

Dolphin also states:

“Among the many ways in which the Hamites have been the great “servants” of mankind are the following:

(I) They were the original explorers and settlers of practically all parts of the world, following the dispersion at Babel.

(2) They were the first cultivators of most of the basic food staples of the world, such as potatoes, corn, beans, cereals, and others, as well as the first ones to domesticate most animals.

(3) They developed most of the basic types of structural forms and building tools and materials. Excavations

(4) They were the first to develop most of the usual fabrics for clothing and the various sewing and weaving devices.

(5) They discovered and invented a wide variety of medicines and surgical practices and instruments.

(6) They invented most of the concepts of basic practical mathematics, as well as surveying and navigation.

(7) The machinery of commerce and trade money, banks, postal systems, and so forth was developed by them.

(8) They developed paper, ink, block printing, movable type, and other accouterments of writing and communication.

If one traces back far enough, he will find that practically every other basic device or system needed for man’s physical sustenance or convenience originated with one of the Hamitic peoples! Truly they have been the “servants” of mankind in a most amazing way.”

This subject is quite extensive, and I fear I am not doing it justice by flying through it. I just want you to have a basic understanding, because perhaps once you do, if you hold any prejudices, they will disappear. The first civilizations were developed by Hamitic people who reined the planet until Alexander the Great rose from Macedonia. Then was born a new way of living. Japhethites took control of empires and are still in control today and will be until the Messianic Kingdom is set up. Then the Shemites will have control and the order of life will be peaceful. Perfect.

Watch this space for Part 4…

Written by Jori Sams

Mosaic Law
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