Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: The Flood Part 3


Insight in Genesis



Consider some of the challenges those living on the ark faced during the Flood. The animals had to be fed, exercised, and given plenty of fresh air. They had to pass their food. The ship would have to be maintained and cleaned from the animal and human feces. Ample food would have to be stored and kept dry. It would have to be prepared, too.

It is quite possible that Noah even had to use hired help to build the vessel. This thought is a dark one, because if this were true, then men were building a ship they wouldn’t board, leading to their peril. The biblical account tells us Noah and his family were carried by the waters for 371 days.

Animal Behaviour on Noah’s Ark

An interesting possibility that some scientists believe is that the animals could have gone into a hibernation-like period aboard the ark. They were simply dormant. This could easily have been supernaturally intensified and even the new feeling of floating upon water, rocking and swaying gently, could have added to this latent state.

Something else that got my attention in the biblical account of the Flood. God states in Genesis 6:20 that the animals will come directly to the ark. Noah didn’t even have to go and search and seize them. This is animal instinct, and it is God-given. Surely they felt the shift that was about to bring the rain just like animals can sense tsunamis, earthquakes and storms.

God’s Unconditional Covenant with Noah

As I continue to move forward, closer to God, knowing Him more, He never ever ceases to amaze me. God will soon make a covenant with Noah, an unconditional covenant, and it will stem across to all living things, including the animals.

When the ark was finished, God instructed Noah to get in it, keeping his whole household with him. This is symbolic. Some believe, according to this passage and others found in the book of Acts, that whole households will find grace in the final The First Stormdestruction of the earth. For if one of us is found in Christ, our whole household will be saved just like in Noah’s day, because of Noah’s faith.

God’s Grace Before the Flood

Genesis is so detailed we are given the exact date that God sealed Noah in and the rains began. But Noah and his family were on board for seven days before this. Some say this was God’s grace giving ample time for any that would change their mind, put on faith, and step into the ark. For it was with great faith that Noah and his family entered, to begin with, because they had never even seen rain. God might well warn them rain was on the way, but what was rain?

Those seven days represent these days of the Age of Grace where God is giving man plenty of time to take up their faith and believe in Him.

Watch this space for Part 4

Written by Jori Sams

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