Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: The Flood Part 2


Insight in Genesis

The Flood was one of the biggest events in human history. Every culture in antiquity has a flood account recorded. There can be no doubt there was a flood. Let the naysayers be silenced. And the aftermath had a colossal effect on the earth, not just on humanity.

From the Flood, rivers were born. Over time, these rivers carved deep grooves into the softened soil, forming gorges and canyons. Look across the planet for proof. One such proof is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Scientists would say this was carved over millions of years. But I say it was from something drastic and I believe it was the Flood. Not only is the region around the Grand Canyon a sure sign of something chaotic having taken place, but there have been great discoveries of animal bones. Namely, dinosaur bones.

Dating of Fossils and the Flood

There is a wonderful, dynamic national park in Arizona called the Petrified Forest. Here you can come across giant fallen trees that have turned into agate. Fossils of shells and seahorses can be found here. The region used to be tropical with palm trees and dinosaurs feeding from the trees. It was covered with sea and shores and beaches.

Some scientists would lead you to believe it took hundreds of millions of years to destroy the trees, for the waters to recede, for dinosaurs to become distinct.

I say it was the Flood.

Pangea and the Flood

The earth was at one time one mass, too. No scientist would try to disprove this. Pangea was a reality. But some say the mass divided hundreds of millions of years ago. I say it was from the Flood.

Firstly, God tells us He already destroyed the earth. He also forewarns us He is going to bring a final destruction to the earth, but this time instead of with water, He is saving its destruction for fire. This is no secret. He also has provided an escape. His name is Jesus.

The Flood and God’s Grace

We see the Flood as some enormous display of God’s wrath. Indeed, it was, but it was also a tremendous display and foreshadow of God’s grace. It is a masterfully woven tapestry.

And while God was telling Noah He was going to bring floodwaters and was giving him instruction for building the first boat, Noah had no idea what floodwaters were. There had never ever been rain. Some scholars Noah's Arkwould say, there had never even been wind.

These thoughts raise the level of mystery surrounding the Flood.

Dimensions of Noah’s Ark

Reading the biblical account of the ark in Genesis, we witness the details of God’s instruction to Noah regarding the dimensions of the ark. It was fifty cubits wide and three hundred cubits long and thirty cubits high. There was a window and a door to be crafted in the ark, which sat three stories under the surface of the water.

Modern-day dimension of this vessel would be 75 feet by 450 feet by 45 feet. If that seems too little to house the animals, consider that the animals were probably selected at a state before they reached sexual maturity. Putting the ark in perspective, the length would be about one and a half football fields. If there were as many as 50,000 animals on board with the average size of a sheep, this would only use around 40% of the ships capacity…

Watch this space for Part 3

Written by Jori Sams

Mosaic LawChristian ebook logo Jori Sams is a Christian author and freelance writer with nearly 2000 published pieces on the Internet, with over 1500 being published by Yahoo. Her books are published through Writeious Books. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her following the sun… 


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