Bible Study: Insights in Genesis: Giants


Insight in Genesis

As we continue looking into intriguing subjects in Genesis, we come to Chapter Six where we learn that men were so wicked, God was sorry He made them. They only had the desire to do evil. While this thought may grieve us, imagine the heart of God as the Creator of the universe looking upon His creation.

Unlike any of the other created things in the heavenly realm, God gave humanity the capacity of mind to understand HIs existence and the chose to know and receive Him or to deny HIm.

This is called free will.

Giants Roam the Earth

Something specific was taking place on earth that mankind has not recently encountered, experienced nor understood. There were giants in the land. I find this topic fascinating and have spent many lengthy hours studying about giants.

When were they first on the scene? How do we know they were real? Where have giants been found?

Genesis 6 gives us our first glimpse and the tone indicates giants had long been dwelling amongst men. They were the centre of chaos and God was intent of wiping them out, along with almost all of the living things.

Giants and Wickedness

Understand, men were so wicked and the spirit roaming the earth was so wicked that such corruption had transferred into the very nature of all living creatures. This idea is complex and requires a study of its own. I won’t attempt to cover this in this blog.

I also don’t want to rewrite what I have already written. For this particular topic, that of giants, I am suggesting you read my blog series beginning with Perfect Theology: Discovering if the Nephilim were Giants: Introduction and Holidays: What Do the Nephilim Giants and Easter Have in Common? I hope you find them interesting and insightful and that you are provoked to delve further into this intriguing subject! These blogs will also address the confusion of who were the sons of God and the daughters of men.

Written by Jori Sams

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