Science: Bioresonance and Vega Testing

Electromagnetic Field

I am constantly amazed by science and technology. Until recent decades, the most fascinating industries for me have been aerospace and film. To put a plane in the sky, a rocket to the moon, negotiate any given distance at the speed of light, hold a camera, push a button and produce a photo image, these things to me are mind blowing. Add to the list the Vega test machine. It is not so new in the field of science and medicine, but it is relatively new to me. I bet it will be new to you, too, and that is why I am telling you about it!

First, I want to say, I recognize that the effectiveness of the Vega test is debatable to those adhering to Modern medicine; modern medicine proponents and followers of naturopath don’t get along. Western medicine, which is now lagging far behind medicine being practiced in the East, says if I can’t understand it, it is a scam. If no expensive testing and research has gone into it and no pill comes out as a result of the testing, it must not be legitimate. Also, it must be noted, some untrained specialists (quacks) have done damage to the Vega test reputation.

Vega Testing

What is Vega testing?

Before I answer that question, I want to inform the reader that I used to study medicine for a short time and I was a Respiratory Therapist. I worked alongside doctors. I stood at the head of patients in cardiac or respiratory arrest with the Ambu bag squeezing air into their lungs. I know a bit about the practice of conventional medicine and am versed in many aspects of it.

When I became ill some years later, my general provider sent me to 26 different specialists to try and assist me. No one could find an answer let alone a cure. That was twenty years ago. Since then, modern medicine has come a long way in diagnosing chronic fatigue, IBS, fibromyalgia, and the like, all of which I had. But medicine in the West hasn’t spent too much care finding the causes of the diagnose.

After twelve years still turning over stones to find the cause of my health problems, I decided to go onto an elimination diet. Chiefly, I was eliminating gluten. Two weeks later my symptoms began to reverse. Six weeks later and I was finding a sleep pattern, which brought some relief.

Two years on, though, I was still suffering as my progress had come to a halt. Along the course of healing, I had tried many different herbal regimes, medicines, concoctions and much more. All of these aided me a bit, but no real cure was found and my sleep still suffered. vega test machine

Recently, I met a family at my church that had a story or two to tell. To give you the basics, the father had iyme disease, which had gone undetected for decades. He moved his family from Denmark to Spain to get treatment from a clinic. While here in Spain, he had discovered a doctor performing the Vega test and found a bit of relief and encouraged me to try it.

A machine, an electrode, a stylus, magnets. I was skeptical for certain. Promises of minimal time with the practitioner, a quick diagnose, no side effects. Was the Vega test for real? I intended to find out. Sitting there through my hour session, I came to understand that my body was full of radiation and my liver was overloaded, for starters. Radiation was reeking havoc on my body’s systems making its way to them and compromising them one system at a time. The machine could read problems that had affected my body years or weeks beforehand; I had never told them to this doctor. At different times over the onset of my treatment, the Vega machine detected viral and bacterial infections, parasites, anemia, etc.

Electromagnetic Vibration

Skeptics are allowed to be skeptics; I will not try and take that away from them. But I have found relief from the Vega test. It itself does not heal anyone, but it is a testing tool to detect the bodies weaknesses, allergies, and so on. Then, it is up to the patient to care for the body.Treatments include herbal medicine and a magnet full of electromagnetic charges to aid the body in healing. Bioresonance is the science behind this medicine working on the principle of quantum physics. “The future has arrived and just as three-dimensional printing will revolutionize manufacturing, this technology will revolutionize the practice of medicine,” writes Dr. Sircus from Dr. Sircus claims that electromagnetic vibration can pinpoint problems and diagnose with precision and accuracy without any side effects. He also predicts the Deta Elis Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Device will be vastly popular worldwide with the likes of mobile phones and computers.

How could this be?

Just as sound vibrations can shatter glass, so the Deta Elis device can shatter germs, viruses, fungi and anything else prohibiting the body. And that is simply good timing, because we are in the days where antibiotics are failing and causing more harm than good.

Hertz Frequencies and Healing

The machine measures electromagnetic fluctuations in your body in response to testing various elements. The basic principle is based on the Hertz frequencies. If a healthy lung’s Hertz is 72, when the frequency drops below this, we can know the lung is suffering. The Delta device will then be set to maintain a healthy frequency to the lung, thus aiding in its healing over time.

Hertz frequencyBefore you can set your face to scowl, consider that in Russia bioresonance is becoming the standard!

Russians cosmonauts use it. In fact, three hundred million Russians are tuned into bioresonance. That including Mr. Putin himself. This is because bioresonance is concluded to be an accurate, safe and convenient way to improve health. Some predict soon it will be in every home in Russia. Machines are being made more transportable and economical. In the near future, it will just be more sensible to get a frequency test done as opposed to putting toxic tablets into our systems.

One can expect that the US pharmaceutical companies won’t sit idle and let this happen. They will write blogs, hire lobbyists, get the machines outlawed, badmouth tests like the Vega test and bioresonance to try and ruin any credibility.

Even so, before getting surgery, if it isn’t life threatening, or taking pill after pill, I would recommend a consultation from a bioresonance specialist to determine for yourself if this could be an alternate route to healing. Modern medicine said my gall bladder needed go be removed. The Vega test confirmed it was ailing. I took some tablets from the naturopath to remove the toxins from my body, put the magnetic strip on a string around my neck to get good frequencies to my gall bladder, took some Epsom salt baths and improved my gall bladder naturally. At the risk of sounding odd, I know this medicine is nothing we are used to in the West, I’m glad I did! If I can be of help to anyone out there, I just thought I would let you know my experiences. Bioresonance is the medicine of the future.

Written by Jori Sams

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