Religion: Is the Church the New Israel? Part 2

church and israel

Foundations of Jewish Tradition

Knowing the foundations of Jewish traditions is essential. Did you know that when

Israel is restored and the millennial reign begins we will once again make sacrifices in

the Temple? We will celebrate Sukkot, the Feast of Booths? This is a symbolic feast

of ingathering that the Jews have maintained for thousands of years! Were you

under the impression that we will simply be celebrating the ingathering of



Did you know that Jesus, Paul, Peter, John and the apostles continued to visit the

synagogue and celebrate the Jewish feasts? You can read about it throughout the

New Testament. Paul identified himself as a Jew, circumcised Timothy, regularly

attended the synagogue, celebrated Passover and Yom Kippur, observed the Torah.

The first Christians were all Torah observant, actually. They were all Jews. So were all

those who authored the New Testament. The sermon Peter gave at the Feast of

Pentecost was before a Jewish audience. Most likely all that converted that day were

Jewish. In the book of Acts Peter and John went to the Temple to pray. In this book

some of the apostles were instructed to go speak at the Temple as well. Stephen’s

defense before the council was wholly Jewish. Did you know that celebrating Christmas

and Easter have pagan roots and the early church had no part in these pagan celebrations?

The thought would have been completely foreign to them. These celebrations are part of pop culture

and in reality have no link to Christ. Instead they are linked to the movement and cycle of the sun.

replacement theology

Stop Ignoring Israel


So why do we ignore Israel? Why do we shun Jews? Why do we think God has

abandoned them?


I feel a desperate need to shake the church! To stir the mix. To sound the alarm. We

are letting a beautiful piece of God’s masterly woven tapestry escape us! We are

sitting in our church assembly in a very sterilized mode!


The gospel is dumbed down. Just look at the Message Translation, for example. The

Holy Spirit is able to bring men into understanding of His word; He doesn’t need

help. The word of God can stand on its own! It is sharper than any two-edged sword

and able to separate marrow from bone! As the House of Judah continues to study the Law

and celebrate the feasts, the Church celebrates Grace; the two are disassociated.

But it won’t always be like this! We need to recognize this!


We must also keep in mind that so many Christians are destructive in their behavior,

touting on this idea of grace. We disobey in the same ways as the pagans around us.

We are self-absorbed and full of lawlessness. We readily compromise. We buy into

secularism and humanism. We accommodate rebellion. We sit in the church seats

fast asleep.


Watch this space for more…

Written by Jori Sams

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Jori Sams is a Christian author and freelance writer with nearly 2000 published pieces on the Internet, with over 1500 being published by Yahoo. Her books are published through Writeious Books. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her following the sun… 


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