Perfect Theology: Discovering if the Nephilim were Giants: Expanded Theory

Nephilim in the Bible After sharing with you the common views of the Nephilim and theories regarding their if they were giants, or not, I wanted to conclude this brief study with my own Expanded Theory. For me, this theory solves the things that were problematic with the other views while blended bits of them together.

Firstly, for me, it is hard to accept that fallen angels copulated with human women. Angels, being spirit, would have no DNA, for instance. I also think that the Nephilim were 100% human and not hybrids. I do not believe the Nephilim, noted in Genesis 6 as being men of renown, were simply mighty kings or warriors. There must have been something different about them. For me, it is that they were indeed giants.

Giant Remains Have Been Discovered for Hundreds of Years

This is largely due that giant remains have been discovered for hundreds of years and that there are ancient cave drawings including giants in their pictures in many regions of the world. What’s more, there are biblical references to giants in the Old Testament. So, they had to stem from somewhere. In my research, I found many interesting things too numerous to include in this brief outline of Nephilim. This included some amateur interpretations found online which included legend and history.

For instance, there are some ancient writings, like the Book of Enoch, which speak of giants and their dealings on earth. They teach of angels that wanted to leave their domain in heaven to live on earth. God allowed this and made them Watchers of men. These Watchers were giants that fell in love with human women and seduced or raped them. The offspring were hybrids of humans and giants, the Nephilim. They were so wicked, God destroyed them and bound the angels in the heavens.

The Book of Enoch Giants

The Book of Enoch says these Watchers brought with them all of their knowledge and taught men medicine, astronomy, astrology, science, and everything related. This included architecture and building. One example of their master workmanship would have been the Tower of Babel. One might include the pyramids, Stonehenge and various other mysteries found across the planet.

Some scholars even believe before the Flood, all men were giants. Only after the earth was destroyed and the nutrients in the soil with it, did the size of men reduce, along with his average life span. I am piecing together things that have made sense to me in my findings.

The Mark of Cain

I want to go back to the beginning right after the fall to the time of Cain and Abel. Genesis tells us that Abel’s offering was good and acceptable before God while Cain’s was not. The result was Cain’s evil deed toward his brother. I am aware that there is a Satan Seed Theory and that Cain is the supposed son of Satan, and that is why his offspring is wicked. But the Word of God tells us that Adam slept with his wife and she conceived. First, Cain and then Abel.

After Abel’s death, Adam slept with his wife again, and she conceived and bore Seth. In Genesis 5 we get a look at the lineage of Adam from the son whom he begat in his likeness. It is not Cain’s descendants we are looking at, but Seth’s. Here you will find some notable names like Methusaleh, Enoch, Lamech and Noah. So who were the sons of Cain?

The Line of Cain Destroyed in the Flood

The entire line of Cain was destroyed in the Flood. God cut off his lineage completely. It is thought perhaps one of Noah’s sons married a woman from the line of Cain as giants continued after the Flood, but all of the males were wiped off the fact of the earth. I want to look at the mark of Cain, because I believe we can piece together a hypothesis that will wrap up this mark, the line of Cain, the Tower of Babel and the Nephilim.

Is it possible that the mark of Cain was his size? Did God put something in his DNA to make him keep growing? By the time any of the descendants of Seth would even think about killing him, Cain would be tall and getting taller. A formidable enemy.

Cush, Nimrod and Semramis Might be Giants

Looking forward many generations, during the time of the Tower of Babel, we see a man named Cush have a son named Nimrod who was a valiant warrior. Not only this, we know he is the one responsible for the tower. In ancient writings, we find Cush is killed and Nimrod ends up marrying his mother, Semiramis, who declared herself and her son gods. She is also known as Ishtar, Esther, Estre, Easter.

Today she is known as Mother Earth and she can be found on buildings holding up a scepter. Sometimes she will have a crown on her head, too. You can see her at the beginning of some films on top of a mountain. You can find her sailing into New York City, too, in the form of the Statue of Liberty. You will even find her in the Catholic Church passing as the mother of Jesus as Jesus is the portrayal of her beloved son, Nimrod.

Some scholars conclude that Cush, Semiramis and Nimrod were giants. That is how they came to make the tower and to be worshipped. In the Bible, along with the Nephilim, we can find the Anakim, Rephaim, Emim and Zuzim. All were giant groups. Goliath belonged to the Anakim, which were living in the area of Ashdod.

After the Flood there were still Nephilim It is my theory that the Nephilim were wicked giants that God destroyed. Some of the DNA survived through one of the daughters-in-law of Noah. After the Flood, giants continued to be born, but the spirit and lineage of Cain was forever removed from the face of the earth. I believe the sons of God spoken of in Genesis 6 were from the line of Seth, and the daughters of men were from the line of Cain and the offspring were giants who fell away from faith. That is why Genesis 5 gives us the lineage of the sons of God from the line of Seth and then we come to Genesis 6.

This godly line made the mistake of taking wives from the line of Cain who himself was a giant after receiving a mark from God to set him apart from the rest of humanity. His lineage was destroyed; his spirit lived on. If this whole subject interests you, there is endless research available online. This includes the giant groups from medieval times, the druids and Celts, the German lineage, and those who were forced to live on the western side of the Caucasus Mountains, which migrated then into Europe starting the race of the Caucasians.

It is a wealth of information which will make your head spin. Good luck piecing it all together! I hope you have enjoyed this brief glimpse of the Nephilim and giants. Perhaps you have a theory of your own and you would like to share your insight? Don’t be shy! Send along your comments. Iron sharpens iron.

Written by Jori Sams

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