Perfect Theology: Discovering if the Nephilim were Giants: Fallen Men Theory

Nephilim in the Bible

Moving along to take a look at the next theory (see the chart below) of who the Nephilim were, we will study the Fallen Men view. This is an expansion of the Sethite view and shares the basis that the Nephilim were totally human. It does not limit the lineage of “sons of God” to Seth, nor the “daughters of men” to Cain. Rather, godly men took ungodly women as wives. Their offspring were the Nephilim, and due the influence of their ungodly mothers, they followed after false gods.

So the “sons of God” refers to any men following after God. Some of their wives were ungodly, resulting in ungodly descendants. Hence, the godly men disappeared, and their children fell away from the faith. The Nephilim. These men were the wicked descendants of Cain, who also fell away.

Problems with the Fallen Men Theory

One problem I see with this view, then, why wasn’t Cain called a Nephilim? Perhaps the deeds of his descendants, the Nephilim, far surpassed his wickedness. Just one possibility. This theory could also be supported in Numbers 13 when we see the Nephilim reappear. Noah’s descendants, in time, also fell away. Giant Skeleton Remains

The Bible also refers to the Anak, who came from Hebron, as descendants of the Nephilim in Joshua. Some scholars also believe that those in Sodom and Gomorrah were Nephilim, and, on a much smaller scale, God also did away with them. The Anakites, then, were the descendants of the wicked men in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sethite Theory Problem Solved with the Fallen Men Theory

The Fallen Men theory resolves the problems existing in the Sethite theory. Both groups of Nephilim had fallen so far into wickedness, including the Anakites in Sodom and Gomorrah, and had to be destroyed. Which God did.

These Nephilim, then, in the Fallen Men view, were not giants. They did not descend from fallen angels, rather from fallen men. They were completely human just like Adam.

Could the Nephilim be Giants?

One question this theory leaves me with, could the Nephilim still have been giants? This stems from the aforementioned in that the Anakite chiefs Caleb drove out from Canaan in Joshua 15 were giants. If they were descendants of the Nephilim, could the Nephilim also have been giants?

It is all so fascinating. To find an answer to the question, I then in turn must consider other possibilities. This will lead us to look next into the Fallen Angels theory.

·       Fallen Angels Fallen angels bred with human women and their offspring were called Nephilim.
·       Fallen Angels Overtook Men Fallen angels possessed men and bred with women.
·       Sethite The men were from Seth’s line and the women from Cain’s breeding Nephilim.
·       Fallen Men Godly men took ungodly wives, and their descendants followed after the false gods.

Watch this space for more…

Written by Jori Sams

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