Perfect Theology: Discovering if the Nephilim were Giants: Introduction

Nephilim in the BibleI wanted to continue on the subject of the Nephilim. Last week, I related these giants to the Spring Equinox and the pagan celebration of Easter, touching on the Nephilim lightly. Today I want to go a bit deeper, because so many questions arise when we sit down to contemplate the giants, the flood and what the Bible teaches about Nephilim.

Many want to know how tall were the Nephilim? Why did God despise them? Why did God wipe out people in the flood? And why do we see further in the Old Testament there were still giants? How can that be?

No Obvious Answer if Nephilim were Giants

First of all, it must be stated that there are no exact answers. Regarding the possible height of giants, archeology has helped to answer this. For hundreds and hundreds of years, as far back as the Carthaginians, records of skeleton remains have been recorded. Giant-sized femurs and the like, if proportionately measured using the anatomy of a human today would put the size of these people standardly between 14-16 feet tall.

While there is an account of giants in the Bible, there is not, however, any biblical proof that Nephilim were giants. One of the famous Catholic saints, Jerome, is credited with translating the bulk of the Bible into the Latin Vulgate where he calls the Nephilim “gigante” meaning “giant.” But there is actually little we really know about the Nephilim. Giant Skeleton Remains

When I sat down to research this subject looking for answers, I had no idea there was even a possibility that the Nephilim weren’t giants. I was really trying to discover who fathered them. Was it the demons or the Sethites (the sons of Adam’s son Seth)?

Good Resources for Researching the Nephilim

This blog has been long in coming because there were so many resources to investigate with opposing views on the subject. Most all of these views were well supported by Scripture, yet problematic. Categorizing these views into primary and secondary views, with the primary views being most credible and best supported, I have decided to break down these four primary views.

Many facets of God are a mystery yet to be revealed. Some areas of the Bible are shaded and we will have to wait to get the real picture. Regarding the Nephilim, it doesn’t matter if they were 50% human and 50% demon or 100% human. And it doesn’t matter if they were giants or men who used to follow God and fell away. They are semantics, and they don’t change the context of the passage.

Four Angles for the Nephilim

Originally, I was going to make a chart comparing the differences and similarities, but there is simply too much information to cover, so I will break them down into separate blogs. The four views we will look at are:

·       Fallen Angels Fallen angels bred with human women and their offspring were called Nephilim.
·       Fallen Angels Overtook Men Fallen angels possessed men and bred with women.
·       Sethite The men were from Seth’s line and the women from Cain’s breeding Nephilim.
·       Fallen Men Godly men took ungodly wives, and their descendants followed after the false gods.

Before we begin to unpack these, I think it is necessary to keep in mind that any of these could be a possibility. Some are more popular views than others and some are better supported biblically. What I really want to achieve here, for those who are interested in this subject matter, is to encourage you to go on to further study. You might see something that has been overlooked or be able to enrich a certain angle even further. And if you should, please, please include us in your discoveries!

Watch this space for more…

Written by Jori Sams

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Jori Sams is a Christian author and freelance writer with nearly 2000 published pieces on the Internet, with over 1500 being published by Yahoo. Her books are published through Writeious Books. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her following the sun… 

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