Current News: 21 Coptic Christian Martyrs in Libya


The evangelist Mark took his testimony of Christ to Alexandria, Egypt and planted a church. Today people still fellowship under the Christian Orthodox Church there and are known as Coptic Christians. This community of believers is the largest in the Middle East comprising around 10% of Egypt’s population.

YouTube Video of Coptic Beheading

As Libya, their neighbors to the West, remains tangled civil chaos, Egypt is filled with a mixture of grief and anger. Libya has confirmed they kidnapped and beheaded 21 migrant workers. This video footage of the beheading, ‘A message signed in blood to the people of the cross,’ has been viewed by the masses on YouTube within the past 48 hours. Outraged by both the murders and the video being uploaded to YouTube, Egypt was quick to retaliate by sending airstrikes into Darna, an eastern city in Libya.

“Egypt’s military announced the strikes on state radio, marking the first time Cairo has publicly acknowledged military action in Libya. It said the strikes hit weapons caches and training camps ‘to avenge the bloodshed and to seek retribution from the killers,’” reported National Post, an online newspaper, on February 16th, 2015.

Egypt Calls for International Support

Egypt also calls for international intervention. But Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi suffers a backlash from the Coptic community as loved ones of the victims accuse him of being idle in the kidnapping. He should have done something about it.

Libya is a major headquarters to Islamic State, ISIS, outside of Syria and Iraq. Many Coptic Christians have fled Egypt in recent years since the Arab Spring, which saw discrimination against the Coptics on the increase in Egypt, along with instability. The result is that most Coptics, which were once a powerful voice in Egypt, are impoverished. Work is what took the young Egyptian Coptics to Libya, where they were kidnapped in the central city of Sirte.

Beheading of 21 Coptic Egyptians in Libya

Photo of Beheading of 21 Coptic Egyptians in Libya taken from video footage.

Now Egypt’s department of foreign ministry is ready to go up against terror groups in Libya and is seeking international support. The department says ISIS is a “clear danger to international peace and security.” It is indeed.

In fact, I remember recently reading somewhere that the US has warned Americans this battle against ISIS will span across three decades and branch out all across North Africa, including Libya. But this aggression has come quicker than I had imagined. It is timely, too, with the terrorist conference coming up tomorrow in Washington.

The foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, was quoted as saying the Emirates were, “devoting all their resources to support the efforts of Egypt to eradicate terrorism and the violence directed against its citizens.”

Already Italy has said it would lead a coalition, if need be, against ISIS and terror, as they have vested interest. They sit 500 miles across from Libya. That and ISIS has made its agenda clear that it wants to conquer Rome.

ISIS Agenda

Is ISIS coming up against Catholicism, wanting to Islam-ize it? Or does it want to set up a new Babylon of sorts? What is its interest in Rome?

The Internet is flooded with articles on this latest attack from ISIS. Pictures of grieving family members in Egypt who lost their young sons in the murders in Libya are posted all over. Even so, there are the skeptics.

Many believe ISIS is a hoax, along with its videos. Experts and those familiar with filming and footage say the videos are too professionally done. Even the executioners look like actors. They believe all of the recent events, including Charlie Hebdo, are just taking place to put fear in people and have an outcry for justice. This then opens the door for those in charge to come into the countries they want to control and push their agenda.

Whatever the case, in recent weeks there have been attacks against Jews and Christians leaving radical Muslims looking pretty evil. People’s lives have been torn apart in the midst of so much hatred and brutal killings. The spirit is dark and grievous. One thing is for certain, regardless of who it is, there is an enemy out there.

Written by Jori Sams






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