Press Release: View the Official Ebook Trailer for Shiloh’s Pool


As Writeious Books has recently announced, the Shiloh’s Pool ebook series has just been released. The first in a multi-book, multi-volume series, Against the Tide: Book One is the first ebook of the journey.

This Advance Review Copy epub file for this fiction ebook series available for almost free throughout December. The reviews of this touching story are already excellent. To start you off with a taster for this novel. Watch this space for a sample chapter and author interview. If you like them, why not give us a “like” or leave us a comment here or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Ebooks make great Christmas gifts, too! Encourage someone to read!

Long before Shiloh sat alone on the bus heading west to compelling Marbella, she was mystified. Moving across the mental timeline of her life, one emotional image unfolded after another. Some would force a chuckle; others left her clinching her chest in pain. 

Filtering through the memories, there was one burning question that paralyzed her over and over again. How in the world did she get there?

Join Shiloh on her life adventures during the first of a multi-book series, Shiloh’s Pool: Against the Tide. Her story must be told…

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