Current News: Costco Cherishes Family and Staff

pumpkins, pie, apples, caramel, turkey, thanksgivingI know the end of October isn’t even here yet, or Halloween, which, quite frankly, I am always eager to see pass. I much prefer Thanksgiving holiday. Although there aren’t many that stick out in my mind, one over another, I do recall treasuring the days off and the feasting.

But I never cared much for the shopping end of it. Making it all commercial. So you can imagine how I loathe the whole Black Friday thingy and all of the chaos it brings. And how mad is it that people are now shopping on Thanksgiving and all through the night.

With big chain stores trying to grab the early buck, it is just extra chaos and manic people on the streets. Friends be warned! I know there are some good bargains to be had. Too-hard-to-resist stuff. But I hate it.

I was so thankful to read recently that Costco will not be partaking in the pre-Black Friday sales. Yay!

As they have done for thirty years, they will continue to let employees have the day off. Yay!

Will any other big retail stores come alongside them and have integrity? My warmest wishes for a booming trade this holiday season go out to Costco. costco values staff and shuts for Thanksgiving

I was so happy to read that the store will be shut on Thanksgiving, I had to spread the good news! It will bring a smile to my face as I treasure the thought of all the pumpkins in the patch. Fresh pumpkin pie. Hot apple cider and caramel apples. Bobbing for apples. Falling leaves. Fleece and flannel. Mittens, scarves and warm winter boots. Of course, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy. And happy thoughts of family joined together to enjoy them all. Together.

Written by Jori Sams


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