Religion: Understanding the Ark of the Covenant: Why Did God Strike Uzzah Dead? Part 1

Ark of the CovenantAll throughout the Word of God there are great mysteries. When I was fourteen years old, I dedicated my life to Jesus and to studying His Word at His feet. At seventeen, I spent a brief time in great confusion and dismay, after reading through the Bible nearly three times.

I feared if I kept at that pace, I would know too much too soon and tire of reading it. Although, this wasn’t happening at that time, and God continued to reveal one great mystery after another, I languished at the idea that I could get tired of God.

More than thirty years on, I still keep reading through the Bible and having great epiphanies. It is a beautiful thing. And I can honestly say I have never grown tired of chasing after my master and learning all He thinks I am ready to discover.

What a colorful journey.

After my blog about Jehu in II Kings, I am now in I Chronicles and have just read the section in Chapter 13 about David ushering in the Ark of the Covenant into the City of David. And what a celebration there must have been, with loud instruments, singing, trumpets and clanging cymbals!

In fact, the text says that the singers and musicians sang continually around the clock to minister to the Lord. This is where David acknowledges that he lives in a house made of fine cedar, and the Ark of the Covenant is dwelling in a tent. He wants to build a house for the presence of the Lord and His ark to dwell in.

God knows David’s thoughts and sends His prophet Nathan to tell David he may not build a house for the Lord to dwell in, but there will always be one of his descendants on the throne. And one of his sons will build a temple.

David responds with the great question that has passed down through the millennia. “Who am I?”

Even as the king upon the throne of a great and vast kingdom, David professes that he is nothing.

That is something to behold alone. Such beautiful humility.

If we study God’s riches in blessings, before this section of the text we read how the Ark of the Covenant was being kept in the house of Obed-edom and how he prospered during its three-month stay. March around Jericho

David was zealous after the heart of God and wanted these blessings, too. And so do I!

But what about the poor man, Uzzah, who was one of the man carrying the Ark before it rested at Obed-edom’s and feared it was slipping and would fall, so he reached out his hand to stabilize it?

This angered God. God struck him dead. Then David was angry at the Lord. This section of scripture reads like a newspaper clipping and we have only a few details. It is so easy to just breeze over what is happening here.

Why did God get angry? Why did He slay Uzzah on the spot for touching the Ark? Doesn’t this response seem over the top from a God who boasts about His mercy?

Let us take a deeper look at the Ark of the Covenant to get some answers. Just what is it and where had it been up until this point?

Watch this space for Part 2…

Written by Jori Sams

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