Religion: Jehu and the Seventy Sons of Ahab

Jehu slaughters Ahab's sons

I was reading recently in the book of I and II Kings and had an epiphany. Toward the end of chapter 10 in the second book, I came to an abrupt halt when I read about the slaughter of the 70 sons of Ahab, his confidants, friends and even acquaintances. Anyone remotely related to him and any connection to the worship of Baal was annihilated by Jehu and his men.

My initial response was if that happened today, if all the people around the world were slaughtered who were connected to idol worship and the dark force that pretends to be light, few would be left standing. There are do many things connected with such idolatry. Media. Sports. Music. Movies. Institutions great and small. School systems. Social systems. And, yes, even churches.

I shuddered at the thought, composed myself, and read on.

To begin with, the seventy sons had their heads piled high outside the gate of the city. This would be a scene even too gruesome for a scene in Game of Thrones. The shock value would be intense. At first, I was appalled that such a thing would be part of God’s plan. But then, the big picture is that this sin, so vile, separates us from God and spreads through the camp. The only way to keep it from spreading is to get rid of it. Completely.

And that is what Jehu did. And written in the text is that Jehu had the favor of God by obeying his command to do away with the Baals. Then I read on.

I was mortified when the final paragraphs on the life of Jehu said although he obeyed God and removed the idols and tore down the pillars, he did not destroy the high place of sacrifice.


Here we see a bit of compromise. How can it be that he was then still called obedient to God? I stumbled over this. Jehu at the gate asking for Ahab's sons

Bring it forward to today.

Here comes the epiphany.

Could there be some Jehus in the church today? Men that have a certain burden and purpose within the body, but not the whole picture? Men that are given a vision and a task yet have some grey areas in their lives?

After all, doesn’t it take each one of us to complete the Body of Christ?

Yes. I believe the answer is yes. It came as such a surprise to me that even then during the times of the Old Testament that God’s purposes and mercies both run so deep. Such a warmth and overwhelm has overcome me from this insight. We don’t have to have the whole picture the instant we take up our cross and begin a journey down the narrow road. God is looking at our heart; He is looking for the one seeking after Him to strongly support him. And He demands that we put no other God before him.


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